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Tелефон: +371 26065555

 Rīgas detektīvu aģentūra

Be careful! Turning to the detective firm, always make sure the company has detective license, and the private detective - detective certificate! +

Riga Detective Agency (Latvia) Tel.: +37126065555 president Olga Zelika*:

Riga Detective Agency (Rīgas Detektīvu Aģentūra) +37126065555
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Telephone: +371 26065555
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Security services

Security services for firms, businesses and individuals

What is Security services offering?

This is probably the most extensive range of services that is not can only protect, but also minimize the different kind of risks for firms, companies and individuals.

Security is based on the collection of the necessary information, gathering the information against the risks in business and other spheres of life.

If there is unknown information about the planning deal, about responsible employee and some new person in personal life, not only you can be seriously affected, but also could cause irreparable damage to your business.

For companies, businesses and individuals, "Riga Detective Agency" offers services - a permanent provision of the necessary information, the information about the risks in your business and personal risks, information about planned deals (including the services of Law!), the prevention of fraud and bad faith from the dishonest persons.

In case of interest "Riga Detective Agency" firstly offers a personal consultation. After examining the specifics of the client's business, for each client is offered a list of the necessary information for a successful business promotion.

We are for successful business development and peaceful life.

Minimize your risks and protect Yourself from unnecessary problems! Contact us and get the information you need!